Community Scheme Questionnaire

All Community Scheme Members

When your Scheme Executives consider appointing a Managing Agent they should be looking for the best manager at the best price, and a manager who not only understands the unique needs of your Scheme but who also has access to a full range of Professional Property Services.

This is why most Scheme Executives, in the know, who are considering appointing a Managing Agent speak to Benoni’s only specialized, value-added Property Management group for small and large property portfolios.

At George Rennie we know what Schemes need because we’ve been managing dozens of them for over 38 years. We are up to date with all aspects of the property industry including accounting, computerisation, legal matters, dispute resolutions etc., and we have developed a reputation for repairing and restructuring Schemes that have financial and/or management problems.

Before Agreeing To A Change Of Management Ask Yourself The Following Questions

Does your in-house Management or Managing Agent have?

If you answered No to any of the above questions, or you’re not sure about your management track record, isn’t it time you considered changing to the most dynamic and experienced Managing Agent? After all, you may be leaving your asset in inexperienced hands if you don’t.